HeartSine® Samaritan® 350P AED & Cabinet Package - New

HeartSine® Samaritan® 350P AED & Cabinet Package

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This is a new product. 

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350P AED Package Purchase Includes:

  • Non Alarmed AED Cabinet
  • Rescue Ready Kit Containing: CPR Mask, Gloves, Razor,  Scissors and Gauze
  • 3D Wall Sign
  • AED Window Decal
  • AED Inspection Tag
  • Rx Prescription

Optional Upgrade to the Emerg-A-Center® Cabinet:

  • Emerg-A-Center® is a built-in emergency storage cabinet, a solution that adds immediate and necessary first-aid in the case of an emergency to your home or office. Be equipped with the latest in safety technology at your fingertips. Emerg-A-Center secures your family and employees with those items needed to provide care until EMS can arrive.
  • Visit the Emerg-A-Center® Website for complete system details.

1 Year AED Program Management:

  • Organized online management of equipment and trained personnel through monthly reminders and simplified reporting.
  • Instant view of AED status, location and expiration dates.
  • Dedicated Western New York Healthcare Equipment Supply, LLC Representative ready to handle all AED related requests including implementation, training, maintenance and replenishment.

The Samaritan PAD Public Access Defibrillator (or Automatic External Defibrillator) is an easy-to-use medical device especially designed for public access use, to administer lifesaving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The Samaritan PAD prompts you visually and audibly with clear, calm instructions. The system guides the user through pad application to shock delivery (if required.) When electrode pads are applied, the system automatically assesses the patient to determine if a shock is required. If not, the unit will prompt the rescuer to begin CPR. Verbal and visual prompts guide the rescuer when to touch and when not to touch the patient. If it is determined that a shock is required, the Shock Button illuminates. A CPR tone and flashing icon coach the rescuer in delivering chest compressions according to AHA or ERC 2005 guidelines- 100 compressions per minute - for 2 minute intervals.

Electrode pads are contained in an innovative Pad-Pak or Pediatric-Pak which are accessible by pulling the green tab. Pads are accessible with the unit in the storage case (supplied with each unit).

Both the Adult (Gray) Pad-Pak is for patients greater than 8 years & 55 lbs (25kg) and the Pediatric-Pak (Pink) is for patients less than 8 years &/or 55 lbs (25kg) and under.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 Samaritan PAD 350P AED, which works with both pediatric and adult pads
  • Adult Pad-Pak (battery and electrode pads)
  • User Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Warranty

350P Key Differentiators

Here are the key differentiators for the samaritan 350P:

  • Compact and lightweight – 28-56% smaller than other AEDs on the market and weighing only 1.1kg (2.4 lbs.).
  • Easy to use —Audio & visual Prompts guide the user step-by-step through the rescue process – 3 large, easy-to-see icons illuminate – “Attach pads,” “Do not touch the patient,” and “It is safe to touch the patient” to facilitate the rescue process.
  • Sophisticated SCOPE Biphasic waveform technology adjusts patient impedance to maximize effective shock delivery.
  • The samaritan PAD has a rating of IP56, providing the 350P defibrillator with the highest level of protection from dust or moisture ingress in the industry.
  • HeartSine’s practical Pad-Pak combines battery and electrodes into one cartridge – one date to monitor and only one item to replace on expiration or after use.
  • 8-year warranty on new devices as standard clearly demonstrates the reliability of this quality unit.
  • Drop tested in accordance with IEC 60601-1.
  • Field upgradeable to the latest AHA/ERC guidelines.
  • Automatic self-check.
  • Suitable for adults and children; Pediatric-Pak available for 0-8 years of age (<25kg or 55 lbs.)
  • Controls and electrodes are accessible even with your HeartSine® samaritan® PAD still in the case.
  • Integrated metronome prompts the CPR chest compression rate.
  • Events are recorded with the time, date, ECG trace & duration, shock delivery information, and CPR intervals. This information is downloadable to a PC with optional SAVER® EVO software.
  • CE Marked and FDA cleared.

8 Year Warranty

HeartSine® Samaritan® 350P AED & Cabinet Package - New

$ 1,225.00

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